With the conclusion of LSSP and International Convention 2013, it's time for a new year of Subregion C amazingness!  Keep checking this website for updates on what we are doing in the subregion and what international is working on!


This year's Large Scale Service Project/International Convention was from June 24-June 30 in Vancouver, British Colombia.  At LSSP, members made a huge impact in the city of Vancouver with tasks from cleaning up the grounds at a Ronald McDonald House to building an amazing playground (be sure to check out the LSSP slideshow below!).  At ICON, we had the chance to attend amazing workshops talking about things from how to work better with members of the Kiwanis Family, to how to better recruit new members into our clubs.  We also elected Daniel Tsang (from I-I in Sub C!) as International President, Amelia Ahnert as International Vice President, and me, Jonathan Pevarnek, as your new international trustee.  I'm excited to work with all of you this year and I know it will be an amazing year for the subregion.  If you have any questions or comments, or you just want to talk, please feel free to call or email me at any time.

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